NJ Oil Tank Removal

Oil Tank Removal: Why It Is Necessary

Oil has been stored in Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) made of steel for a long time now. Underground and above ground oil tanks were the source of heating in many homes all over the U.S for years. But steel, just like many other metals, is prone to rust and this cannot be helped. Eventually, due to years of corrosion, holes begin to form on these tanks and the petroleum content starts to leak into the environment. Thanks, to modern lifestyle, this form of heating is no longer needed, these results into disuse and lack of repair of these old oil tanks leading to even more uncontrolled leakages. If you are looking for tank removal services, Garden State Oil Tank Removal is a popular NJ oil tank removal service specialized in removing these old underground tanks.

Environmental impact

When these old oil tanks remain underground, there is a real concern for soil and water contamination. When the chemicals in petroleum products contaminate water, it becomes complicated to clean the water back into safe standards. Gas stations are also a significant source of leakages alongside home-used USTs in the U.S. There is an additive in gasoline called MTBE which tends to travel pretty fast in underground water than any other gasoline component. The clean-up process in case of contamination is costly, for this reason, prevention is better than cure. If you suspect there is an underground oil tank which requires removal from within your property, you can reach out to Garden State Nj Oil Tank Removal .

Removal process

For an oil tank to be removed, the homeowner should be aware of its location. If that is not possible, if for instance the property was purchased with the tank in it, then the homeowner should hire a company that will inspect to find the container. After that municipal permits should be acquired before the commencement of the tank removal.

For more information about underground oil tank removal services, Garden State Oil Tank Removal is your best bet for providing experience-based services.